Test one.[[slnc 5000]]
Test two.[[slnc 6000]]
Hello, everyone! [[slnc 200]] We Hope you're enjoying the party, [[slnc 1000]]
Thanks for taking part in this [[char LTRL]]LTA [[char NORM]]event. [[slnc 1000]]

We will be taking up about ten or fifteen minutes of your time. [[slnc 550]]
During the event, please feel free to move around the room, and come and go, as you pleez,[[slnc 3000]]


If you have already agreed to take an active role, please go over to the screen, and pick up the mobile phone.[[slnc 6000]]

Put the phone in your pocket, and the earpiece in your ear.[[slnc 5000]]

You are going to be asked to perform a series of simple ac tions. [[slnc 550]]
Don't worry, you will not have to do anything difficult, [[slnc 2000]]

O.K.[[slnc 250]] Lets start. [[slnc 1000]]
First of all please can you go over to where there’s a blue spot on the floor. [[slnc 7000]]
Please sit down.[[slnc 6000]]


Now we need to do a test to make sure that your headset is working. [[slnc 2000]]
Please Can you put your hands on the floor, [[slnc 100]]palms down, on either side of you,[[slnc 5000]]

Great, [[slnc 250]]

OK [[slnc 250]]everything is working fine. [[slnc 1000]]
Now, we’re going to do some [[slnc 5]]simple [[slnc 5]]aktions.[[slnc 1000]]
Please can you stand up. [[slnc 5000]]
And raise your left hand up towards the ceiling.[[slnc 4000]]
Great, [[slnc 3000]]
Now let your arm fall to your side. [[slnc 4000]]

Now Please raise both of your hands up towards the ceiling. [[slnc 5000]]
And let them fall to your side.[[slnc 4000]]

Next, [[slnc 100]]When I say go, [[slnc 100]]slowly raise both arms up until they’re at shoulder height. [[slnc 700]]
Ok,[[slnc 100]]Go,[[slnc 6000]]
Now can you start to turn very slowly on the spot, in a clockwise direction. [[slnc 1000]]
and When you’ve turned through three hundred and sixty degrees, please stop. [[slnc 10000]]

Now, please take three steps forward,[[slnc 4000]] Stretch both your hands out towards the screen, [[slnc 4000]]
and sit down on the ground.[[slnc 5000]]
Shut your eyes. [[slnc 1000]] Take a deep breath in. [[slnc 4000]] And breathe out. [[slnc 3000]] Please Keep your eyes shut.[[slnc 1000]]
Try to relax.[[slnc 1000]]
Listen to the sounds around you. [[slnc 10000]]

The next thing I’m going to ask you to do, involves going out of the room. [[slnc 1050]] When I say go, can you go all the way downstairs and out into the yard. [[slnc 1000]] Don't worry[[slnc 100]] you're headset will work down there [[slnc 100]]and you'll be given some more instructions when you arrive.[[slnc 600]]
Before you go, we need to make an announcement to the rest of the participants.
[[slnc 2000]]

Hello everyone.[[slnc 1000]] Part of the ac tions are now moving out of this room. [[slnc 1000]] You're very welcome to stay here, or you can move into the rest of the house, as you please, [[slnc 1000]] the event will conclude back in here, in about ten minutes time.[[slnc 2000]]

Ok, you can get up and go down to the yard now
[[slnc 10000]]


Hi. [[slnc 250]] Please stand in the middle of the yard. [[slnc 10000]]
Take a chair, and get up and stand on it.[[slnc 3000]]
if there are no free chairs, you may need to ask someone, if you can use their chair for a couple of minutes. [[slnc 10000]]
Ok. [[slnc 1000]]Standing on the chair, Carefully turn around [[slnc 100]]and have a look in all four directions. [[slnc 1250]] Make a mental note of anything interesting that you see. [[slnc 15000]]

Please get down from the chair now. [[slnc 7000]]


We're now going to give you some instructions for the next few minutes. Please don't do anything until I say start. [[slnc 1000]] First of all, we would like you to go into the sitting room, and stay there for the next two or three songs. [[slnc 1000]] If you feel in the mood to dance, by all means, have a dance. [[slnc 1000]]

After you have heard two or three songs, please go into the kitchen , and get yourself a glass of water. [[slnc 550]] Once you’ve done that, please go back upstairs with the glass of water, and sit on the blue spot. [[slnc 500]]

Great, You can go into the sitting room now, and start!

[[slnc 20000]]


Welcome back everyone! [[slnc 1000]] We are nearly at the end of this event now.

Please can you stand up [[slnc 5000]] And now please drink any water that is in your glass.[[slnc 1000]] When you have drunk the water, you can join the circle, with everyone else. [[slnc 5000]]


Ok, everyone, can you please stand in a circle, in the middle of the room, holding hands. [[slnc 15000]]

Please can you all shut your eyes. [[slnc 1000]] Take a deep breath in. [[slnc 4000]] And breathe out. [[slnc 3000]] Please Keep your eyes shut.[[slnc 1000]]
Try to relax.[[slnc 1000]]
Listen to the sounds around you. [[slnc 15000]]

Ok, you can open your eyes now. [[slnc 1000]]
On the count of three, can you all move in a clockwise direction,[[slnc 250]] until the circle has moved round three times. After that the event is over, and you can return to the actions of your everyday lives. [[slnc 250]]
One, two, three.[[slnc 30000]]

We would like to say thank you for taking part in this event [[slnc 250]]and helping us with our research. [[slnc 1000]]