A Brief History of LTA (Live Timeline Actions) - November 2012

LTA is a process led, event based practice. It was an unforeseen by-product of an attempt to create a cinema without screens.
The idea of the cinema without screens was motivated by a feeling of exhaustion with capture-based processes (image recording), and the increasing pervasiveness of screens in work and leisure time.

Neither cinema without screens nor LTA come from the live art tradition. They are attempts to detach the affects of moving image from the framing apparatus of cameras and screens, and are approached as interventions in reality rather than as stagings of spectacle.

As a technical system evolved (consisting of verbal instructions running from a timeline, and broadcast to participants via wifi headsets) – it became obvious that a (consensual) control system, or framework, had inadvertently been created that superseded any initial emancipatory intention of the project.
An institutional voice, LTA, rapidly emerged to take on the role of issuing instructions, of exercising authority.

First iteration: LTA as implied scientific research body.
Postcard given away at LTA public action – Boiling Wells, Bristol 10/09/11

If LTA is a performative voice, its role as an authority, is ambiguous. The language and vocabulary used by LTA has fluctuated and changed with each of the five iterations so far completed. Exploring the identity of LTA has become part of the process-led research that the LTA identity fronts. The expectation is that as the language and vocabulary of the practice become more stable, the LTA identity will drop away as superfluous.