Date: 3 to 6 /5/14
Location: artist's studio
Duration: 10 mins
Video: here

Description: console + tent is an installation consisting of a tent and a camping stove to one side of a large centrally placed monitor; and on the other side a laptop on a table, and a monitor at floor level.

Two audience members are invited to participate, and receive instructions through wifi headsets. One partipant is instructed to go to the tent where they start some water boiling on the camping stove, and then get into the tent and lie down. Meanwhile the other participant stands by the table and is instructed to make a series of hand and foot movements which are mirrored by images of a hand and feet on the laptop screen and the floor level monitor (see console). After five minutes the participants are instructed to change activities, and the participant at the tent makes two cups of tea with the water that has boiled on the stove.
On the large monitor, two people stand in a field as dusk falls, carrying out the same actions as the participants in the live space.

video of an alternate version of this installation using a cinema screen instead of a monitor is here.